Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Flash Fiction: Beloved Sister

I read "Going Long. Going Short," from the Opinion section of the New York Times about flash fiction (read it here). The last couple weeks I've attempted to write flash fiction in response to Chuck Wendig's challenges. Those have been fun. In the NYT's piece, Grant Faulkner mentions writing fiction of a 100 words or less. I liked this idea, so i thought'd I give it a try today as my sort of writing exercise. 

Beloved Sister

Morning covers the wooded backyard in soft simplicity. It's like daddy's serious whispers. We never tuned in to those very often. 

Not much gets seen around here, neither. 

Usually, it’s stampede out the door.  Honk my way to work. Velcro myself in for ten hours. Push my exhausted ass home. Nibble at a Lean Cuisine. Look at a few glowing screens. Snore through the nightly news. 

It’s funny that I’m still sitting here looking at it. The phone just rang a moment ago. Maggie’s gone. She’s really gone. 

You know, everything looks more real in the morning time.